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13 Mar 2024

Visit VeriDoc ID's website and choose a subscription plan to register. Then click Try Now (for a free trial) or Buy Now (for a paid subscription) and provide the necessary information, including your name, email address, and contact information. Your login information will be sent to you via email right after you sign up. You only need to verify the email mailed to you by VeriDoc ID after signing into your mail account to get your login credentials. You will directly receive all the information you require via email. Find this particular email in your inbox whenever you want to track your VeriDoc ID account login details, and all the information will be available to you 24/7, wherever you are. The process is similar in the case of Free Trials.
If you choose to enrol for our 30-day free trial, VeriDoc ID will similarly send you the login data. You will get the credential information in your relevant email address only. After signing up, you will have direct access to all the key features available in the VeriDoc ID Dashboard. You can mail IDs to specific people, import documents for certain IDs, add new users and admins, add names, titles, and company information, and modify or update account information as/when needed. In addition, you can generate public and private documents, track and manage users, and assign or withdraw administrators as necessary. So, drop the wait and enrol on VeriDoc ID right away to take advantage of the conveniences exclusively designed for your workflow to enable document transparency and boost productivity and efficiency.