Recently Viewed

17 Jan 2024

To view and track the Recently Viewed IDs, users must log in to their VeriDoc ID accounts using relevant login credentials, such as mail address and password. You can track down the Recently Viewed folders on the Dashboard after entering your VeriDoc ID account. This function comes in remarkably handy when you require to locate recently viewed IDs fast. You no longer have to search through several directories and files to acquire the necessary ID(s). The ID can be seen under the Recently Viewed folders area if you recently opened them.
In today's world, productivity and money go hand in hand. Therefore, wasting time on pointless tasks like browsing through thousands of IDs to discover the one required is a headache. Using VeriDoc ID's user-friendly interface, you can locate the relevant IDs in the appropriate location within minutes. VeriDoc ID makes it possible to share and maintain digital IDs securely. Our implementation of blockchain technology and straightforward framework enable us to offer a greater level of security in comparison to traditional IDs. Using a digital ID, you can quickly and effortlessly browse the IDs you need. It saves time while also raising productivity. With VeriDoc ID, you do not have to search through a lot of files. Using a digital ID shows that your company appreciates security and is committed to protecting employee data. By doing this, you can greatly enhance your professional reputation and win the respect of coworkers and peers.