(Inside Folder, after opening a document) Manage Access: Public or Private

17 Jan 2024


Your VeriDoc IDs account now allows you to control the security of your IDs. Go to any folder that contains stored IDs and click the Manage Access option to choose whether your IDs are private or public. Your IDs will either be public or private after you select one. The option to make your IDs public or private is one of VeriDoc ID's most crucial features. A public ID allows anyone to access it and scan its QR code to confirm the ID's validity.
When an ID is private, its administrator (author) has control over who has access to it by maintaining a list of users. To access the results page after scanning a private ID's QR code, users must first input their email address and 6-digit OTP. VeriDoc ID offers a more reliable and secure way of designing and sharing digital IDs by using unique electronic identities, encryption, and the blockchain. By automating and streamlining the verification process, our QR codes improve the user experience while also assisting in the eradication of ID fraud.