Forgot Password

13 Mar 2024

Facing difficulty recalling the password of your VeriDoc ID account? Check out our step-by-step tutorial video on how to change your password if your VeriDoc ID solution account is already active. Your privacy and the security of your data are high priorities to VeriDoc ID. Therefore, you can easily reset your VeriDoc ID account password if you lose it. On the VeriDoc ID login page, select the Forget Password link to change your password. Within seconds, you will receive a password reset notification at the relevant mail Id. You can reset your password by simply opening the email, which includes all the details you need to complete the process. Once you have updated your old password with a new one, you can now log into your VeriDoc ID account by entering the updated password.
To log in, simply enter your Username and new Password followed by entering the 2-Factor Authentication code. You are now able to completely take advantage of the inviting features and functionalities presented by the VeriDoc ID once logging in. With the support of these features, you may experience a process that is more refined and simplified and paperwork that is quicker and easier than ever before! Let us assist you in achieving the highest levels of productivity, convenience, and document transparency.