Action Email

17 Jan 2024


On VeriDoc ID's Dashboard, you can also find a feature to mail the document to any viewer you want to. Just go to Action, and click on the Email icon below it, add the desired email address. After verification, a mail will be sent to the particular person to view the document. Many times, we need one particular document to be checked or viewed by numerous people. Especially when it comes to important contracts, NDAs, or legal agreements. These documents need to be viewed by several people, like lawyers need to verify, sometimes even business partners need to view these documents. So, with VeriDoc ID solution, you can now share signed documents to multiple people at once without even moving an inch. Those people can then view and verify those documents according to the required criteria. VeriDoc ID is an platform that has made the whole ID making process easier. Important documents can now be safely sent to people for signing, viewing, or both. This has proven to be a productive method and very time-saving. VeriDoc ID uses a blockchain secured patented technology that helps you verify all ID quickly yet accurately. With VeriDoc ID, make ID cards effortlessly and securely..