Action Download

17 Jan 2024

Now any document that you have uploaded on VeriDoc ID can be downloaded anytime from the Dashboard in pdf format. You can also take a printout of the document (if needed) directly from the Dashboard (under Action). At times, we do need a hard copy of important documents to send to someone/other organisations. When it comes to VeriDoc ID, you need not worry at all. Now you can download any uploaded document with VeriDoc ID whenever needed. The document will be downloaded in pdf format. You can also download digital certificates for times when you need to send a hard copy, or keep it for personal use. VeriDoc Digital Certificates can boost your team's productivity and benefit your organisation’s business. VeriDoc ID offer more transparency and fewer mistakes, increased productivity of all teams, very affordable, faster turnaround time, and enhanced customer experience. Adopting a digital certification solution like VeriDoc ID would allow your clients or customers to sign papers from wherever they are. As a result, locations and geographical limits are no longer relevant because one can get digital certification from anywhere in the world. You now understand how a digigital certification platform like VeriDoc ID will improve organisational productivity, performance and efficiency. But, if you're still utilising traditional pen and paper certification methods, it's not too late! With VeriDoc ID, we can assist you in making the transition to a secure digital certification solution.