Will my data be private & safe?

26 Apr 2024

All our SaaS solutions are designed by well-experienced experts who pay extra attention to make them secure and transparent. Nowadays, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Organisations and consumers are turning to SaaS for its convenience and other benefits as internet connections become faster and more reliable. Our SaaS solutions utilise various measures to provide the most reliable source of data security, which includes,

  • Utilising blockchain technology (patented in over 90 countries worldwide) to store data and documents

  • Employing the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution for ultimate data security

  • Access customisation, where the admin can differentiate private and public documents that provides admin access and viewer access accordingly. 

  • Qr codes on all generated documents to make verification simple by which the concerned people can easily scan the secure QR code from any smart device to check the legitimacy of the required document. 

In light of recent major data breaches, data security deserves special attention. SaaS can be far more secure than on-premise applications with the right technology and best practices. Furthermore, good SaaS platforms create backups of customer data on a regular basis. If anything happens to the data stored on local devices, backup copies are available online at any time and from any location.

Organizations can benefit from the data security experience, expertise, and advanced technologies of SaaS providers by incorporating them into their regular workflow. Businesses can devote their time and resources to more pressing issues while knowing that their data security is being handled expertly.